Suppliers:   Schultz Outfitters, West Street, Newton Park
                       Birch's, 2nd Avenue, Newton Park



The school runs a swop shop, where parents can obtain second hand clothing for their children.  Parents are also encouraged to donate articles of school clothing to the swop shop or to sell them through the swop shop.


To prevent the loss of clothing, it is imperative that each item of school clothing is clearly marked.   Parents are requested to co-operate by insisting that their children are correctly dressed in the regulation school dress detailed above, when attending school.

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Meuse Avenue


Port Elizabeth


Latitude: -33° 58’ 9.6672"
Longitude: 25° 33’ 48.243"


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Tel:  (041) 367-1115
Fax:  (041) 368-1812

E-mail: info@lorraineschool.co.za

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